Slight setback after doing so well

Posted in: Aquaponics by Adrian on April 15, 2014

Well, my growbed is going crazy!  I have cucumbers growing rapidly and the cos lettuce is ready for picking!

The fish tank has been ready for fish for about a week or so… or should I say….was ready for fish – I had the Ammonia and nitrite levels back to zero and the nitrate levels almost zero….I consider low nitrites OK in a fish tank.

I saw it WAS ready for fish because this afternoon the darling little 4 year old decided that he should put our floor mop into the fish tank!. I think even the mop bucket made in there too…Not happy Jan!  Like, who knows what was on that, I certainly wouldn’t be sucking on the mop so I wouldn’t be eating anything fed from it!  Not to mention that there could easily be something on it which would kill the fish should I have added them.  I only had to look at him and he would run crying.  In fact he didn’t come out for 5 minutes after I got home….He knew how was unhappy with him.

So, we decided to empty pretty much all the water out this evening (all but about 50 litres) and refill!  I have added some Charlie Carp (see an earlier post about this) to give it a little ammonia spike and get the water cycle happening again.  If I test the water in a few days and there is no ammonia or nitrites then I know that the bacteria in the grow bed has survived and is doing it’s job.

I am doubting (hoping) the plants didn’t absorb too much contamination from this!

Will try and post some pics of the growbed in the near future – I had a few other things to worry about tonight!

Maybe one day I will be able to laugh about this….