South Perth Photoshoot – Panoramics

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Finally, I have managed to stich together the photos from the South Perth photoshoot.  I have been searching for a decent program to stitch them together.  I tried the tools provided with Adobe Photoshop Elements and from Canon with no luck.  Today Martin suggested I try autostitch.  So I downloaded a copy and gave it a go.  Voila!  The best results so far!  Initially, I was concerned about the distinct colour change to the right of the old swan brewery (In the water) but this is actually apparent in the original (and is not a stich point).

As you may recognise, the first is Perth city at Dawn (taken at 0649 on 09 October 2008) taken from South Perth and the second is the Old Swan Brewery taken from South Perth near the Narrows Bridge

Perth City at Dawn

Old Swan Brewery

Old Swan Brewery