Old Swan Brewery

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Old Swan Brewery

Yesterday morning, a small group of us got together before dawn and shot a few photos around the Old Swan Brewery / Crawley area.  This was also great for me as it was the first chance I could put my new 40-150mm lens to the test.  I was impressed afer shooting 14-45mm for so long!

This is the Old Swan brewery – The original building was built in 1877 and serviced as a brewery for many years before becoming run down.  It was then refurbished and reopened as a cafe and restaurant complex.  I had the opportunity to dine there last year for Breakfast and it was a fantastic morning – Highly recommended.


This Is The Life

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Perth from the Narrows

Perth from the Narrows


This shot was taken from the Narrows bridge 1 week before the Redbull Air race – Hence the “Perth” on the opposite foreshore.  The picture simply makes me wonder how many cities in Australia – or even the world gives you the opportunity to relax whilst fishing opposite such a beautiful view.  I am guessing that there would not be too many.

Petter Solberg – Rally New Zealand 2006

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Petter Solberg

Petter Solberg

I was going through some of my older photos when I came across this one.  As it stood, it was not overly special but then I started to play with ideas and this is what I finished up with.

This was taken at the entry to the Super Special stage on day 2 of Rally New Zealand 2006.  The driver is Petter Solberg.

What do you think?  Does it work for you like this?

South Perth Photoshoot – Panoramics

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Finally, I have managed to stich together the photos from the South Perth photoshoot.  I have been searching for a decent program to stitch them together.  I tried the tools provided with Adobe Photoshop Elements and from Canon with no luck.  Today Martin suggested I try autostitch.  So I downloaded a copy and gave it a go.  Voila!  The best results so far!  Initially, I was concerned about the distinct colour change to the right of the old swan brewery (In the water) but this is actually apparent in the original (and is not a stich point).

As you may recognise, the first is Perth city at Dawn (taken at 0649 on 09 October 2008) taken from South Perth and the second is the Old Swan Brewery taken from South Perth near the Narrows Bridge

Perth City at Dawn

Old Swan Brewery

Old Swan Brewery

South Perth Photoshoot – Narrow Lines

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I have been going though my photos form this shoot looking for interesting pics to post.  This photo came out better than I first thought.  I find the lines of the bridge quite intersting.  I have titled it “Narrow Lines” as the bridge is the Narrows Bridge.  I believe the bridge is so named as it spans the narrowest part of the Swan River.

South Perth Photoshoot

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Yesterday, Martin, Sam, Bas, Andreas and I met up at the South Perth foreshore to take photo’s of the sunrise. 

The morning started off predawn with some cloud cover starting to cover the sky.  This cover moved pretty quickly and In very little time cleared the sky – It cleared the horizon before the sun had risen and left the sunrise looking a little ordinary.

The pic above is one I took whilst walking along the foreshore looking for other photo opportunities.  The vessel is the Paddle Steamer Decoy, an operational paddle steamer operating on the Swan river.

 Afterwards, we all wandered into the Mends Street Cafe for brekky before the others had to head off to work.  😉

More pics to come soon!

Meet and Greet

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A colleague of mine noticed that Jamie Patterson was calling for people to join up on a photo shoot through Fremantle.  So, I teamed up with a few colleagues Sam & Martin  and we made our way to Freo.  The afternoon started off pretty wet but by the time we had coffee, the weather had fined up.  All in all, it was more a greet and meet than a photo shoot (not sure that many photos were taken!). However, a good time was had by all.  Looking forward to doing it again.

However, as we left our cars the other end of Fremantle to the others, we parted ways when the others went to the north mole to take photos of the sunset.  We called it a day and enjoyed Hans.

The photo above is one I took on the day.  It is from the old firestation which is now a backpackers.

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