Update 22 March 2014

Posted in: Aquaponics by Adrian on March 22, 2014

Things are looking good.  I have been religiously checking the water for any nitrites.  Ammonia has been at about 2ppm all week so I was expecting nitrites to start to rise.  But realising that to go from Ammonia to Nitrites I need some bacteria.  To aid this, I rinsed out some sponge media from my aquarium into the fishtank of the new setup.  Last night I showed nitrites of about .25ppm!  It is now starting to come together!

On the gr0wbed side, all the surviving cucumber plants have bloomed with flowers and the strawberry seems to be shooting new plants!  I don’t know what it is called when they do that but there must be a name!  The two tomato plants which were struggling seem to be coming back since I moved them to a shallower part of the grow bed.

Pretty stoked about the way it is going!


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