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Posted in: Aquaponics by Adrian on March 16, 2014

Sadly, I haven’t had time to post over the last week or two but this time has seen some advancements in the building of my setup.

The slabs went down pretty quick one evening ready for the unit to be put into place and for the plumbing to begin.

Jake inspecting the setup


As I said, I had been convinced to run the pump 24×7 and not use a timer.  So this made the plumbing really easy.  I filled it up with water and tested it all out.  No leaks and it all looked ready to add media.  Uh Oh….My source for media at $20/bag had disappeared from Gumtree – I can only presume he sold it.  Anyway a little searching on Gumtree found another dealer selling it for $33 a bag – more than $20 but much better than the $45 from the shop around the corner.  After some discussion he even delivered it free!  Tony of Life Aquatic rocked up with 5 bags on his ute, checked out my setup and said it looked ready to go – Good job!  Tony does this for a living so if you need any advice or supplies, give him a call.

That afternoon, I filled the grow bed which immediately washed clay dust straight into the fishtank!  Anyway that eventually cleaned itself up.   At this point the system is ready for some plants.  I even got Chris’s approval!

Thumbs up from Chris 20140303_143633_800

The following weekend saw me at Bunnings buying seedlings!  This place seems to be consuming plenty of my money lately – You know what it is like when you go in for a thing or two….and get 5!

Planting the seedings is much cleaner than traditional gardening – no digging the soil over adding composts etc….Take the seedling, wash off the dirt in a bucket of water to expose the roots and plant it in the clay grow bed!  I planted some Strawberries, 3 varieties of tomatoes, capsicum, cos lettuce and cucumber.  This is now starting to look like the real thing!  To feed the plants without having fish, I have been adding in some seasol.

All Planted!

All Planted!

The kids seem pretty happy with my work (and even keen to help at times)….Let’s see how long that lasts!


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