A few enhancements to get ready for the fish

Posted in: Aquaponics by Adrian on March 16, 2014

I made a few enquiries about getting fish this week….It seems that it is about a month too early for rainbow trout – They need water which is constantly below 20 degrees….Mine is about 22 degrees!  The other option would be Silver Perch – these would take a few years to grow big enough to eat so I will have to wait for the trout.  This give me time to properly cycle the tank ready for them.

For those not so acquainted with fish keeping, cycling the tank is important.  It is often done with the fish in the water but has an effect on the fish which could kill them – there are other ways!  The cycling process basically involves adding ammonia into the tank.  This in turn creates nitrites and then nitrates.  Since ammonia and Nitrites are harmful to the fish, it is preferable to do this without the fish!  To add ammonia, I have used a fish extract called Charlie Carp – a fish extract used in gardening.  I only started this yesterday, so I only have ammonia at this point but hopefully it will get moving soon….

I have also decided to add a few seeds to see how they go, 4 heads of corn and 2 iceberg lettuces.  When I say 2 lettuces, that is 2 pots and several seeds in each, so there could be a number of them.  I have simply wrapped the seeds in tissue and placed them in a seedling pot filled with clay media.  I don’t know if this is how it is done but we will soon see!

Seedlings in paper towel

Seedlings in paper towel

I have also had a little clean up and cable tied the plant liner to it’s support as it was sagging a little.  easy process, drilling 2 holes and a cable tie.

Cable ties along 1 side to hold liner in place

Cable ties along 1 side to hold liner in place

That’s about it for this week….not much to do but probably good as there was not a lot of time to do it!



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